No longer in contact

 The fixation plug device is no longer in contact with the punctum, because the stent has COME OUT as the metallic guide is withdrawn


WHAT TO DO : it is necessary to stop and readjust the stent and the guide.


a) The fixation plug device is located NEAR the lacrimal punctum, and the introducer is still in place : - Push again the entire Masterka device, step by step, until the plug device is positionned in the meatus.

- Then, redo the witdrawal of the guide.

- (vidéo ''Slightly too long'')


b) The fixation plug device is located FAR from the lacrimal punctum and the introducer is out

- Remove the entire Masterka. Using the Surgeon's fingers; Avoid forceps.

- Under microscope, replace the guide/introducer inside the Masterka. Check it's position until the extremity of the silicone .

- Then, redo the procedure from the begining.




- Removal of the guide is done slowly and carefully with multiple back and forth rotations while remaining in the vertical axis of the lacrimal duct, much like winding a watch.

- During the Removal of the metallic guide (introducer) : The fixation plug must be held firmly (avoid forceps) in contact with the punctum throughout the entire process of withdrawing of the metallic guide.