Loss ?



a) SIGN : Absence of the Masterka's collarette at the punctum area.



       - If unrecognized exteriorisation/expulsion : potential failure.

       - If intra lacrimal migration : potential dacryocystitis.


c)  WHAT TO DO  :

            -a)  Inform the family; Point out the fact:

           - b)  In case of absence of tearing : medical supervision.

           - c) In case of continuous symptoms : endoscopic examination of the nasal inferior meatus


       d)  PREVENTION :

                 - Never neglect a burying tendancy of the fixation plug device of  the Masterka  into the lacrimal punctum once the introducer has been removed.

             - One should not try to force the stent in the canaliculus. Positionning the Masterka by forcing the device will induce a SPRING effect of the silicone tube in the lacrimal pathway, inducing an early exteriorization of the Masterka.

 Withdraw the entire Masterka and redo the procedure.