Alternative to late & very late probing



The Masterka represents an alternative to late and very late probing in treating mucosal nasolacrimal stenosis in children.



The Masterka (FCI Ophthalmics) “pushed” intubation technique is for the treatment of congenital epiphora due to simple mucosal obstruction in the nasolacrimal duct, most commonly at the valve of Hasner.

It is an excellent alternative for stenting simple congenital nasolacrimal obstructions at any age, regardless of how late and can be done with masked ventilation.


Routine masked general anesthesia techniques are sufficient and the operating time is similar.


The Masterka avoids the unnecessary and often difficult intranasal maneuvers involved in pulling out the stent and tubing of traditional intubation systems.


The cost of the Masterka is offset by a much better success rate, meaning fewer repeat procedures.

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Hello! My name is Ivan I am from Moldova. I am engaged in the treatment of congenital disorders of lacrimal system. I am very interested in your device developed masterca. How can you give it a try in your work? I look forward to a successful cooperation. Best wishes Ivan Ciolac.

Le 21-03-2016 à 22:46:05