Description of Masterka



(Pushed Monoka)


The Masterka is a "pushed" type of lacrimal intubation stent. It consists of a fixation device in the shape of a punctal plug connected to a length of silicone tubing with a metallic guide that assists insertion by pushing the tubing into the canaliculus and nasolacrimal duct.


The punctal plug is similar to that of classical Monoka stents (FCI Ophthalmics).

The silicone tube measures 0.96 mm outer diameter.


The metallic guide is presented inside the lumen of the tubing rather than attached at the end of the silicone tubing as in classical types of silastic stents that must be pulled from the nose.
The Masterka is available in three lengths: 30,35 and 40 mm.

Schematically, the principle ofthe Masterka is comparable to that of venous catheters : It is actually possible to remove the guide completely and to reinsert it without altering the stability and shape of the Masterka tubing.